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This website presents a selection of the archives of the Glen Ellyn Park District plus contributions from residents.  The material displayed illustrates the close connection between the Park District and the development of the Village of Glen Ellyn.

Before there was a park district, Lake Ellyn was a popular destination, especially after the construction of the Lake Ellyn Hotel in the 1892.  The hotel burned in 1906 and by 1907 the land had been purchased by a developer who began to sell off lots.  Popular sentiment began to grow that the lake should be preserved as a public space: an article published in The Glen Ellyan in 1913 stated that the village needed a park district. 

The suggestion that Glen Ellyn create a park district was not immediately accepted by the majority of citizens, but over time support increased.  On October 5, 1919 there was enough public support to pass a referendum to create the park district with Lake Ellyn Park as the first park.

The next park to be added was Memorial Park, bought in 1923 when known as the "ball grounds".  In that year the Park District also added Stacy Park which had been created in 1891.

Currently, the Glen Ellyn Park District has 31 parks that provide recreation, access to open spaces, and preservation of open lands and animal habitat.